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Mallow Castle at night

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Dr. Denis Callaghan


I Studied Theology, Bible interpretation, as well as Biblical languages for over 20 years. I am just now beginning to learn! I also contribute to studies around the country and around the world. Speaking in Conferences, Churches and wherever there is a desire to study the Bible. I just like people!
6th Degree Black Belt in TKD (Tae Kwon Do-Korean Karate) Everything I know I learned in Kindergarten I am an Irish Libra with a rather strange sense of humor. Ireland is my homeland but I live most of the time in the USA Teaching the Bible God has willed that each of us give until there is nothing else to give. You see, all of creation, all the world, all mankind benefits or loses out because of you. You've got to understand what it means to love as Jesus loved."

Home: Mallow Co Cork Ireland - currently living in the USA

Relationship: Married

Contributing author for 5 Internet on line studies daily reaching more that 1.5 millions readers monthly. Mentor for doctoral candidates at various Universities. Dr. O'Callaghan has taught in the fields of History of Christianity and is a historical theologian, who specializes in the study of the early Church, particularly the development of Christian doctrine from A.D. 30 to the second and third centuries. Contributing a number of articles for scholarly journals on ancient Christology, Trinitarian theology and eschatology.

Educated at Cambridge University England,Oxford University England,Trinity College Ireland, Hebrew university, Milligan College Tenn., Southern Christian University Louisiana., Indiana University, Vincennes University, Purdue University, Notre Dame University and Yale University

Interests: Christian studies, Science, Creationism, Time, Space , Infinity, Eternity, String theory, Chaos theory Ancient and modern History, Linguistics.

Rev. Dr. Denis O’Callaghan Ph.D., Th.D., Litt.D., D.D. Linguist/Pastor/ Teacher/Theologian/Historian.Professor of Linguistics, Old and New Testament, Early History of the Church.

Employing a research-laden approach to the analysis of God’s Word in the Old and New Testaments, Dr Callaghan unfolds and presents teaching in context with history and the sciences. A linguist with command of many ancient languages, digging deeply into a vast collection of ancient manuscripts to find and communicate the purest understanding of what the original inspired writers of the Bible had to say.
Name: Dr. Denis Callaghan <drdenisocallaghan@sbcglobal.net>

Location: Ireland & United States

  • I never meet anyone that I didn't like!
  • I believe in looking reality right in the eye and then denying it!l